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Weekly Previews of Patient Valued Articles!

Preview your eMagazine ARTICLES the week prior to being sent, any time Monday through Saturday (deadline is before midnight) prior to being sent on the following Monday.

  • 4 Original Articles provided to you for your review each week.
  • Patient Protection: Your patients only receive your articles exclusively from you! No other doctor can email to the same patients you have with our articles. They will see "TAKEN" next to any email they try to upload that's the same as your patients email address!
  • Broad health and wellness topics with periodic chiropractic articles have proven most successful in increasing email open rates.

Don't miss out on these upcoming pre-tested highly patient-valued articles:


Diverse health and wellness topics retain patients interests (with periodic chiropractic articles). This also increases the number of pass-along forwarded articles.

Preview takes 5 minutes or less (4 weekly articles):

  • Opt-out of any article you don't like
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Automatically Emailed to Your Patients!

Your email SUBJECT will be your eMagazine first sequential article HEADLINE. You can change the article sequence any time during the preview process.

Your eMagazine in your patient's inbox will state it's from you (or your practice name). Your email SUBJECT will be your eMagazine first sequential article HEADLINE. You can change the article sequence any time during the preview process.

Patients Forward to Friends in Need!

Women are Your Best Advocates. Women Have Proven to be the Most Ferocious Readers of Health...And Nurturers!

Most women know who needs your help! Who in their community of friends and loved ones are having health issues... who to refer to you! They are your best advocates who most OFTEN SHARE / pass-along / forward articles referring you to neighbors and loved ones that they feel you could help... who then become a patient referral.

Women are gathers and nurturers (while men are hunters and seekers). Thereby know that even female Doctors educated by men have personal preferences and behavioral tendencies that are not the same as their female market.

Social Media Too? Yes, Included!

Automated Social Networking!
Automatically each article in your eMagazine is progressively posted in your selected social media. LEARN MORE

Your eMagazine is sent early Monday morning. Each day thereafter each article in sequential order is sent to your selected social media.

Also your patients can and many likely will click facebook and or twitter at the top of each article to post on their social media to all their friends and loved ones.

Relationship Building Referrals!

Who knows who needs help?

Your patients do!
Most patients will forward your articles...
Patients who refer new patients become the best patients!

Vacation on Us!

Time to RELAX! Go on a vacation... with your network being enabled to refer you. Your eMagazine is emailed for you weekly, posted to social media, shared by your patients with those they know who need your help, all even while you are on the beach! LEARN WAYS TO VACATION ON US!

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Weekly patient-valued education (4 articles per week)...
Increasing new patient acquisitions... (eNurture: formerly Health Realizations)

Increasing reactivations... (Dr. Rote 1 minute video)
Increasing retention...

Articles Produced by Former Team

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Proven Team & Formula's

Original prewritten article content women seek and look forward to receiving from you. Tested and proven sought after, once they gradually realize health valuable information is contained that enriches their lives (with 1/4 or more are lifestyle articles proven to keep women engaged looking forward to the next email from you).

Your New eNurture Team Develooped the #1 Doctor's Website Traffic in the World (

More traffic than:,,, and

Former CEO of plus his proprietary formulas and highly trained team are now your team... at a very affordable fee.

Doctor Reported eNurturing ROI
  • Increased Patient Compliance (patients arrive informed seeking treatment)
  • 10% - 30% More Appointments within 6-12 months with weekly campaigns (vs. monthly campaigns). Monthly takes as much or more than 400%-600% longer to build awareness recognition or your sent nurturing email articles than 4 weekly.
  • Signup, upload your inactive and active patients email addresses, report your gains, then gain FREE 15 days services upon submission of each of your 6 month reports.
Doctor "First-to-Market" Dynamic Website (vs. Static)

All of your "First to Market" Upload/Added Patients are Protected

Be "the first" to upload all your patient's email addresses and no other doctor will be able to upload and send to the same ones in their eNurture database. The system by design protects and does not allow duplicate uploaded patient email addresses.

Dedicated to helping you acquire and "protect" your market patients. eNurture knows how hard you have worked to grow your practice. We want to help you both grow and retain all you gain.

While you nurture and refer... you should have a structure to retain!

Your Practice "Patient Protection." John (our CEO) heard from many Doctors that patient acquistion was very expensive making market protection an issue, need and challenging priority. Some Doctors seemed to be apprehensive about discussing this issue. Others stated this openly. Once John heard and understood the significance of this issue for Doctors he assigned teams to add this into the custom built systems to assure your patients will be eNurtured, Retained and Protected... protecting your investment.

John spent millions incorporating his proprietary eNurture Marketing formulas into the custom developed dynamic web marketing software in building eNurture LLC. He has now gone well beyond that by responding to repeated Doctors' requests for "First to Marekt" advantage with their patients. Patient emails addresses exclusivity. So YOUR patients are not sent other doctors' eNurture eMagazine articles. Assurances that your patients are solely sent your eNurture eMagazine.

Done! Fully completed for you... every patient's email address you enter is protected for you (unless already taken by another doctor) exclusive use in your eNurture eMagazine database (protected from other doctors marketing to your "First to Market" uploaded patients). It's now more important than ever to upload both your active and inactive patients email address. This is your "First to Market" advantage so that if any other doctor tries to upload any of the same email addresses you already have uploaded "FIRST" in your database, their database will state "TAKEN"! (without stating your name).

To switch to yours, an already "TAKEN" patient will have to:

  1. Cancel their current subscription with their other doctor (by simply clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the sent weekly eMagazine).

  2. Subscribe to yours (or you can upload them into your database but ONLY after they have first unsubscribed from their current subscribed doctor).

(IMPORTANT: They must first be unsubscribed/canceled in the current doctor's eNurture eMagazine service before they can be accepted into yours).

The other possibility is if or when the doctor cancels their eNurture eMagazine services, then their entire database will be open to your eNurture eMagazine if on your list of uploaded email addresses. No worries, as no patient will be sent the same prewritten articles by another doctor using the eNurture eMagazine system. Other software companies have in fact asked John Dearlove why he went the extra miles and cost to create software that limits the later doctor from putting your patients into their eNurture eMagazine list.

"Early adopters and visionairies" John said "are those who I'm most aligned with. They should be rewarded for their commitment to their patients."

"First to Marketers" is the title John gave those who take advantage of getting in earlier to gain the benefits and the value of protecting their patients.. continuing to add more patients... so they can continue to nurture their market ongoing growing their practices!

6 Formulas Behavioral Principle Toolsets (proven basis)
  • Written for women: Who nurture and refer others
  • Articles are always a majority of diverse health and life style topics... diverse interest that engage and align with women's interests. NOT solely or even primarily focused on your services. Just as on the Dr. Oz show, only a fraction of the topics are ever on his heart surgery expertise. Otherwise women would be bored and unsubscribe. Topics are focused on women's interest while keeping you and your practice "top of mind... sought after ... looking forward to weekly." Do not misjudge weekly sent as being too often. Dr. Oz is daily which followed in the footsteps of because most women want information on health and life style topics they can use and share.
  • Never written as "tell & sell" (as articles by others usually are), so patients feel nurtured no one feels "told & sold"
  • One out of 4 articles are always a "life style" with sources so you are not expected to be the expert even on health topics. Women are typically responsible for finances, etc. in their households so we do provide topics including on taxes at tax time etc. that they benefit from such insights. .. which keeps them engaged and looking forward to your articles.

Prewritten Articles Sent to Patients Inbox (vs. static)
Most if not nearly all websites are static destinations that web marketers charge a lot to push patients to visit Doctors websites. Or that cost a lot to build only to be a destination vs. broadcasted regularly ideally weekly on the same day providing patient perceived valuable content in articles with your brand name on them.

Nurturing Nurturers Women who Nurture Friends and Neighbors

  • Women are "gathers & nurturers"... it's their Nature. (Men are hunters & seekers... they don't get it.)
  • Practitioners' Male "Type" learned Behavior Based Conundrum (solved by letting go: Allowing our Behavioral Experts deliver for you)
eNurture Proprietary Formulas (Dr. Oz couldn't buy)

After his tenure as CEO of, our CEO John Dearlove chose not to work in same capacity for Dr. Oz, or anyone of many Doctors and companies with even Billions of annual sales.

John Dearlove and his former team instead chose to build a more sophisticated system to support you and many other Doctors using his proprietary proven eNurture formulas.

Highly Trained Behavioral Marketing Formulas' Experts
You get Dearlove's Unique Team: Researchers, Writers, Technology Software & Hardware Team Members enabling you the potential opportunity to exponentially grow your practice and your static website which is linked / sent for you.

Best New Patients are Referred by Your Existing Patients

Ever wondered why your solicitations and offers often result in patients looking for deals, freebees, discounts, entitlement attitudes, who show up late if at all?

Have you noticed that new patients referred by other patients are your best patients?

eNurture is the best CONTINOUS medium for your existing patients to forward articles, introducing and referring you and your practice. No gimmicks! No giveaways! No solicitations that make your patients feel uncomfortable or pushed! All natural they simply nurture... it's their nature! Easiest continual stream of your patients nurturing new patients for you!

Skyrocket Your Success Gaining More Appointments

"Greater Open-Rate Readership" has been accomplished by doctors who addes their own articles!

Do you have existing articles already published or that you always wanted to write? It's easy to add your own articles that personalize your passion. When you add your own articles patients recognize it increases your patients' open-rates plus increases patients sharing your articles with their loved ones!

Built for your SUCCESS and ease of USE!

Share Your personal passion! Your stories and experties!

Add your own article in seconds (one once a month, or every other week, or one a week). If you have prior written articles or add a new article you can "add" (copy and paste) your own articles, as many as you liek to add each week. Onceyou add one then you can add another.

Add comments to any article we provide in your preview.

Add your own offers.

Move your articles to the TOP! Make them the first articles in the sequence by simply clicking TOP to the left of your article or any article.

Maximize use of our provided patient valued, highly researched and highly professional articles augmenting the addition of your articles!

Your "passion" is infectious and preceeds your great success!

Expressing your passioin andsuccessful patient outcomes draws more patient appointments!

Have you seen the true story movie "I Can Only Imagine"? Just like the song writer and signer struggled until he shared his experiences and passion which then resulted in years of record breaking success... periodicly sharing your passion has the potential of skyrocketing your success!

Our Articles are Fully HIPPA Compliant